Monday, September 15, 2008

We Are in Nashville, Recording!

Hi, everyone...this is Krystn, Sarah's sister....I will be making frequent appearances in her blog, as I live her life along with her, and I work for her. Sometimes the voice you hear here will be mine.

This is a very exciting week for us...we have flown to Nashville (through the very windy skies post-Hurricane Ike) to record a very special song called, "Christmas in Heaven."

We first heard the song last April, when we were here for Gospel Music Association Week. We had just met Paul Marino, of the group River, who has now become Sarah's producer...we visited him at his home studio, and he played us the song. We both just sat spellbound on the couch and wept. The song talks to someone up in heaven and asks the questions we all have about what it is like...and, of course, who more than Sarah should sing a song like that? The writers were hoping to have a big country star sing the song...

God however had a different idea...and by August, Sarah was blessed to have the opportunity to record this song, and to put it out to radio for the Christmas season.

So, right now we are in Paul's studio, and he is leading her through the process of recording. It is very tedious and exacting...there are lots of repeats of each phrase and he gives her the ideas he has for making the song sound its best. She sings each part of the song over and over and tries to get it exactly right.

She is in the soundproof room and he sits just outside at his control computer area. Even thought they have been working together for many weeks now, writing songs for her new project, this is the first time they have recorded a song together, and so they have to talk through what each phrase should sound like. Paul is one of the writers of the song, plus he is an amazing producer. He knows exactly how to bring the best out of his artists.

Please, if you are reading this, you are someone who loves Sarah and will pray for her. Will you please take a moment and pray that His anointing will be on them both today and tomorrow as they work on this song?

More later...there is much more happening here this week, so check back in with us often. We would so love to read your comment on our blog!


Paula S said...

Well, could it be that I get the honor of having the 1st comment posted on this wonderful new blog? :) How exciting!!!
Sarah, I am praying for you - lots! May God be with you at every turn, in each step, and in every breath that you take this week.
May you have many "cornfield" moments!
Much love and prayers,

Gay Ann said...

I was so glad to get this email today about your new blog and what you are doing. I think about you and pray for you and the children often. Kirsten plays your CD constantly. I'm surprised it still works. :) The Christmas song sounds wonderful. I can't wait to hear it.

God Bless You,
Gay Ann