Monday, October 27, 2008

Hi All -

Well, our trip to Nashville is in full swing. Today, my brother, Kraig, and his son, Malachi, and I drove from Indianapolis to Nashville. We left home yesterday and spent Sunday night at the home of some dear friends of mine in the Indy area. It makes a great trip. Five hours one day, Five the next.

We arrived at our hotel mid-afternoon, ran to the mall - which is right next to the hotel (how absolutely perfect!) - to pick up a couple last minute items for the photo shoot tomorrow, then we went to my producer, Paul's house. As many of you know, Paul and I have spent the last few months writing the album "The Long October Road." This week, we begin to turn the concepts that birthed in our hearts into music. This is a very exciting part of the recording process. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will have a photo shoot. We will be in the Franklin, TN area. My photographer's name is Melanie. I can't wait to meet her . . and the hair/make-up artist. They both sound like absolute sweethearts. We will go to several different locations and are really working toward a hip, artsy look. I'm excited. It is actually a LOT of work to get ready for an album cover photo shoot. It takes a ton of planning.

Then, on Wednesday and Thursday we will be in a big studio on 'music row' with the drummer, pianist, and guitar players. They will create the tracks that I will later lay my vocals to. The musicians who will play on my album are the very best of the best. It will be very exhilarating to listen as they bring our songs to life! We can't wait!

Tonight, at Paul's house, we ran through all the songs to make sure we have them in the right keys (notes/range) and just finalized our thoughts about them. Then we went out for a great dinner and dessert (Paul LOVES to eat! - that's a really fun part about this process - we eat out A LOT!!!!!!)

The next couple days we will have pictures to post and much to report . . . stay tuned! Blessings!

Oh, btw . . . yesterday was really hard . . . well, even today I bawled on the way here. Yesterday was so bitter with the knowledge that I was leaving home to continue on the road to fulfilling my lifelong dream . . . and my dear, sweet Chad was not there to send me off . . . or to come along with me.

Then today, I was asked to open for Selah in December, and I got news that the radio programmers are beginning to send word back to my radio promoter that they are LOVING "Christmas In Heaven!" They love it so much that one let Wendell - my promoter - know that she plans to start playing it before the Christmas season! She said she suspects it will be a 'hit.' Oh, that is such wonderful news - it is SO great . . . but, it is all because my beloved is dead.

None of this would be happening if Chad had not died. It is so heartbreaking! How do you celebrate when your heart is breaking. I would rather have Chad back than ANY of this!!!!!! I miss my beloved! I love you, Chad. I love you. GMML.


Jen said...

Hi Sarah~

I thought about you today and was hoping that you were having a good time.

I went to your website Saturday night because I wondered if I could listen to any of your songs from Gratitude. Wow, what a wonderful voice you have. Just then a brief sample of "Chrismas in Heaven" It was just a little bit of the song. But I still bawled my eyes out. Then I saw the words to "Until the Very End" and then I heard it. Again cried and cried some more. I'm going tomorrow to buy Gratitude. I bet "The Long October Road" will be great as well.

I had never heard of Selah before yesterday, somebody on my blog told me about them. I'm happy for you that you were asked to open for them. I read another blog "Bring the Rain" and I believe her husband is in that band.

I'm so sorry that Chad isn't 'here' to share this great time with you. But like you told me the other day, both Chad and Shawn are watching us from Heaven and they are happy for us that we are 'doing well'. They are giving us the strength to do what we are both doing. Chad is with you! But like you said too, I would rather trade it EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to have Shawn back with me.

I hope you have a good rest of the week in Nashville.

David Hall said...

Wow, what a blessing to hear your story and see the process come alive before my eyes. You are an amazingly talented person. I believe that you are the right place, right now. God has a plan for all that has happened, is happening and will happen! Blessings on the rest of your overdubs.