Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Good Day All!

I just wanted to invite anyone close by to PLEASE come to my CD Release Concert at Christian Celebration Center in Midland, MI on May 29th!

The concert will begin at 7:00 pm and is free . . . I really want to do this concert as a 'thank you' to everyone for their love and support throughout our journey!

PLEASE come out on the 29th for a celebration of ALL that God has done in our lives! It will be a wonderful evening!!!!! Invite all your friends and show up early . . . as the seats are sure to go fast! See you there!!!!!!



Paula S said...

I wouldn't miss it! I'll be there! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful feature article on you in the Midland Daily News yesterday! It gave insight into different aspects of your journey. Congratulations on your upcoming 'new August morning.' It will never replace GMML, but will be a new source of joy and life to you weary bones.

I am excited aboiut the upcoming CD release event! Blessings on ya!
-Jan C

Samantha said...

I am so excited for you and "Practice"...I also am so excited about the new CD and my family wont miss your concert for anything...Love you and you are always in my prayers.

Samantha Altman, Tami, Olivia and Jerry Schlosser

Nicole said...

This is the first I've read your blog. I found yours through a reader who just recently commented on mine. You and I have very eerily similiarities in our life story. Though I have not lost my husband, I have lost my first son. He was born last December, and lived for 7 hours. So, I know grief. Last month, I married his Daddy, whose name happens to be Chad. He went to school to be a police officer. He doesn't happen to be one now, though. In April of 2008, we got a dog together. Her name is Mya. Though not spelled the same as yours, I am sure it's pronounced the same. I'm not sure what all these connections mean, but I want you to know that you're an inspriation. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. And, may God bless you even more as you travel this journey of grief. Looking forward to your new cd as well!

Jamison said...

I regularly read Jen Coin's blog after seeing her story on here, and I am so glad she included the link to your interview this week! Once again, tears streamed down my face as I listened to you share your testimony, but they were happy tears this time, because through your blog, you have shared with all of us how God has helped heal you. I also happened to catch a bit of bling every now and then (YEA!), and I praise God that he has allowed you to find true love again. Once again, thank you for sharing your story and I look forward to buying your new CD.


Nathan said...

Just discovered you and the blog. Beautiful story! Can't make it to the concert. I live in Indiana. I am looking forward to the new CD! How/when will I be able to get a copy???

Kate, Alek, Hank, and Cash (RIP RED) said...

Hi Sarah, I came across your blog from another blog I read and I want to say thank you for doing what you are doing. I also have a very close relationship with God and I lost my husband on Jan 6th, 2009 to an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma. One summer we were camping and riding a motorcycle and the next he could barely move and we were at DUKE medical trying to stop the progression of this disease with a stem cell transplant, but it did not work. He left behind his son who is going to by 2 in July. I so look forward to getting your CD's one thing caught my attention in one of your songs, My husband would always say, "keep on keepin on". Thanks for being so inspirational and strong

David and Kelli said...

Sarah... I think you are amazing. Sending lots of love to your growing heart :) xoxo