Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Order Information

Well - please read on down, my friends . . . but many of you are wondering how you can get the Christmas In Heaven CD ~

They are available for sale on my website They are beautifully packaged as a single and make wonderful gifts. You can purchase them for $5 each or 5 for $20 - I cover the shipping.

Thanks for asking!

By the way . . . I sold 199 today! Just today on my website! Yea God!!!!! And . . . Thank You, God! I am so humbled!!!!! Thank You!


Amy R. said...

God is so amazing!!!! Your faithfulness is such an encouragement to me and so many people. My husband surprised me by ordering Gratitude and Christmas in Heaven for me for Christmas. It came in the mail 2 days ago but he's making me wait until Christmas to open them! I can't wait. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family in ways that are beyond our understanding.

Paula S said...

I gave a CD of Christmas in Heaven to my friend Joni who came with me to your gratitude 'debut' concert in August 2007...
She has three babies in heaven and has been "incredibly blessed" by the song.
Blessings on you my friend. God is using you....just as He for an incredibly long time and now on an even grander, larger scale.....just as we have dreamed about for years! To God be all the glory. I CELEBRATE what God is doing!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE it! It has touched me and my family so deeply this year! I have only had it for 5 days and my 3 year old is already singing with it. I plan to play it for my family at our Christmas this weekend in memory of my Mom.

Now I need Gratitude :)


Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful song "Christmas in Heaven" I actually just ordered the 5 pack. May God be with you and your family through the holidays to come.

God Bless.
Jessica F. (Midland, MI)

Sue W said...

Sarah, I'm giving Christmas in Heaven to a friend for a Christmas gift. She loved it when she heard my copy...lost her Mom a year ago December 5th.

Tonight my daughter said she heard it on the radio...she had no idea it was being played across America!! Keep on keeping on Sarah, your very special, precious voice is being heard and touching people's hearts.

George said...

Thank you so much for singing this song. My wife passed away just over a month ago, 2 weeks shy of our six month anniversary. It was an absolute shock and was completely devastating. The first time I heard the song I was driving down the road and had to pull over. I was crying so hard, and it put my feelings this Christmas season into words. I am buying it as Christmas presents for my family and hers. Hopefully you will be able to have a few concerts here in Mid-Michigan once the new CD is released.

Many Blessings in your musical endeavors and to your family this Christmas,

Dad / Mom Wager said...

Thank you for the words and music of Christmas in Heaven. I ordered one just today and hope to have it played at our Christmas Eve memorial service at church.
He is God. I do believe your husband is singing "silent night".
Love in Christ, Beki Wager in Riverdale Michigan