Tuesday, December 23, 2008

quick update

Greetings Friends! Thank you all so much for your very sweet comments . . .they bless me richly. I am so thankful that the song Christmas in Heaven is ministering to and blessing so many people. Last night I received an e-mail from a manager at 'Billboard' . . . as in Billboard Magazine . . . the Top 40 . . .etc . . . He said that the song Christmas in Heaven is 'charting' on their chart this week and that they need more information!

Wow! I may have a 'Top 40' song! Can you believe that? Little ol' me . . . little Sarah sitting in Midland, MI . . . just trying to honor her husband and get through some very painful holidays . . . little ol' me . . . so thankful and honored . . . Billboard! Wow!!!!! Let me say it again . . . BILLBOARD!!!!!! Now, I think they might chart the top 100 songs . . so, I could be number 98 . . . but, that's o.k. :-) I'm still on the Billboard charts . . . and, I'm thankful.

Well, Friends. These holidays ARE proving to be very difficult. I cry a lot. For months the crying had really tapered off . . . but in the past week I have cried enought to make up for any lack of October and November. It is just SO hard and SO painful. I miss Chad more than I could ever even begin to describe. My heart breaks for my dear children.

Last Saturday Noah had a good break down. He cried and cried and told me he wishes we could just skip Christmas this year and that he wants to die and go Home to be with Daddy. Oh, how my heart broke. I couldn't hug, nor hold him tight enough. Sweet baby . . . 10 years old and carrying a weight SO much larger than he.

If you were to look back to the winter months of last year, my journals would read the same as Noah's wishes . . . 'Lord, can't there be Carbon Monoxide in our house and all four of us just wake up in Heaven with Chad? . . . Please Lord! Get us out of this misery!' Perhaps you think that means we have little faith. You can think what you like . . . judge away if that makes you feel better. It just meant that my heart broke more than I ever dreamed it could . . . I understand little Noah! Bless him, Lord. Please bless these precious children this Christmas and help us all to celebrate even when the pain is just so great.

I have much to say . . . I have Blogs begun that will BLOW YOU AWAY :-) . . well, they'll give you something to think about . . .but right now I am just working to get the kids and I through this holiday AND keep up with the CD orders . . . there are waiting lists all over this area, and I have envelopes addressed and ready to fly out of here . . .but NO CD'S!!!!! I am not too happy with UPS right now! They were supposed to be on my doorstep last Friday (It is now Tuesday morning). A terrible snow storm kept them away . . . I understand that. Nothing we can do about that. However . . .they SHOULD have been delivered yesterday and were not.

So, today, my dear friend Christy is driving to Saginaw to PICK THEM UP and begin delivering them to all the bookstores that are out and then will bring them back here so we can begin stuffing envelopes and filling the last of the order.

Just a quick note - you can now digitally download the song on CD BABY - so if you are waiting on a CD to arrive, and need a 'temporary fix' . . . that is an option. If you are waiting - I am SO very sorry . . . this has truly been out of my control!

Blessings to you all this Christmas season! May the Lord give sweetness to your Christmas festivities . . . even if, and especially when, they may be seasoned with pain!


Anonymous said...

Im soo sorry u and ur children have to go thru such heart break during this time of yr or anytime of yr for that matter. I was cleaning out a drawer yesterday and stumbled across chads trading card from the PD. It made me cry. I took a moment in my busy day to remember what a wonderful, kind hearted man he was. Today Im going out to buy a protective plastic cover for it to keep it safe. I hope for this difficult time to pass quickly for u. He would be soo proud of the things you have done and all the joy u are bringing to everyone lives. Ur children will get thru this as will you. Merry Xmas Schieber family!
Danielle-ur 911 dispatcher friend

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
I can't relate on a first hand basis the incredible pain and loneliness that you are suffering ,but I can that of Abbi,Noah and Micah. It was 49 years ago today that my earthly father passed away. I was nine years old and staying with relatives in Livonia as my mother was sheltering me from what was happening to my daddy and had sent me to stay with my favorite aunt and uncle for Christmas. We were on our way back to Sanford on Christmas Day and were on Saginaw road between Dow and Dow Corning when I began to talk of my excitement at the prospect of seeing my daddy when my aunt began to cry and told me then that my daddy wouldn't be there to see me.
Not sure why I've shared this with you Sarah,other than to say yes I really do know the pain and sorrow that you feel so deeply for your children and for you to know that you and Abbi,Noah and Micah are in our prayers daily.
With the success of Christmas In Heaven and your ever growing ministry and popularity be sure to know that there are almost or soon will be literally millons of prayers for you all!
God is of course working through you and is moving you forward with such great speed that I think you sometimes have a hard time holding on to his hand . Your faith and love for our Lord is an incredible inspiration to so many....keep up the awesome job!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Adrienne and I am so sorry that a family member died that is so sad. I feel so sad myself!

Julie said...

I was sitting here listening to 96.1 FM here in Flint, and I heard your song. I didn't know for sure it was you, because they didn't say your name, but I knew by the name of the song it might be...so I checked your site, and it WAS you!

You have a beautiful voice.

I learned about you through Jenny Coin's blog. I don't know her, but feel a connection since we both live in MI. You have been a real blessing to her, I think. I have been praying that God would send people into her life to help her in her grief, and then there you were! Awesome how God works!!

I'm so sorry for your loss. Have a blessed Christmas, and I hope that you and your family will be able to continue to look to the Lord for comfort.

Anonymous said...

How exciting to hear from Billboard! I don't think I would've known what to say. Lol!

I pray that no one is judging you in your grief. How each of us handles the grief we feel is very personal. I think it is wonderful that you are revealing those feelings and thoughts to us. How many people are you helping to know that they aren't alone in those thoughts? That alone must comfort so many.

Give the kids a hug for me and tell them that we pray for them.

Ang said...

I lost my daddy almost 10 years ago now and I remember one thing he would always say to me when it would be my birthday is "when you get (insert the next year older here) you will be a big girl. Well I was 31 when I heard those words for the last time. I had just miscarried a baby and my daddy died 3 weeks later. How my heart aches for you. I surely cannot imagine the grief and pain you must feel and certainly can't imagine the pain your young children feel either but I surely can pray for strength for you!! God is still Able!!

Jennifer said...

I wish you and your precious family a blessed Christmas! So happy to hear about the song topping the charts, it should!


Jen said...

Just wanted to tell you again how happy I am for you that your song is climbing up the Billboard Chart. How AWESOME is that!!!
I will see you tomorrow night at church.

Love you,

Paula S said...

Merry Christmas Eve to you, Sarah, Noah, Abbi, and Micah! Love, P

Debbie Drouin said...

Sarah- I just found your sight and it is just what our family needs. My daughter, Ashlee, lost her husband, Reb, Dec 2nd 2008 in an automobile accident. They have 3 girls, Rylee 10, Macee 7 and Preslee 5 and will be married 12 years Jan 4th. I am passing your website to her in hopes that it can help her heal. I love her dearly, and it breaks my heart that she has to suffer. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. God bless you!

Debbie Drouin

Sarah Schieber said...

Debbie - if you should find this - PLEASE know how sorry I am for your loss and that of your precious daughter and grandchildren! I know my mom has just been eaten up with the fact that she could not take my grief - and that of my children - away. Please stay tuned to my blog . . . I pray it will offer hope for healing in your future!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I was in Williamsburg, for the Discover the Joy, and you blessed me so much in your music and workshop. God has definately given you strength, We are blessed by an awesome God. I love your Christmas in Heaven cd. I can't wait until your new cd comes out, being at Williamsburg, I kow some of it was from journals. God bless you in your journey, and your relationship.