Saturday, November 22, 2008

Done for now!!!!!!

Well All! I am so thankful to say that after another very long, intense day in the studio - we are finished, for now! We have six songs well on their way. There will be 11 in all. There have been moments in the studio where we have spent an hour singing ONE word . . . .over and over and over. Last night we sang the word 'better' for almost an hour! This is how it goes ~ "soften the 'buh,' dipthong (a musical term that really means a very quick 'scoop') into the 'e', not so much 'e' sound - add a little 'uh' to the 'e', don't hit the 'tt' too hard, dipthong into the 'er', no vibrato on the 'er' but put a crackle on the end all while you curl the 'er' around." ALL within one second or less, with the perfect tone and the perfect pitch and the perfect inflection! Now, can you see why it can take an hour to sing ONE word correctly! My goodness! But, despite how painful the process can be at times - it is also a beautiful thing.

I am truly in awe of God's goodness. This album is my heart poured out! The sounds and essence of it are rich with emotion and meaning. It will be an album that ministers. One of the songs on the project is called 'wishin time away,' and as we worked on it today, I sat in the isolation booth caressing Chad's wedding ring and longing to touch him. I miss him so deeply - his friendship - his smile. I miss the excitement that he would share with me as we work on the CD. I know he sees and hears it all. I know he is proud. The kids and I are choosing to live! We are choosing to walk forward. This album is us walking forward!

The final words that Chad ever penned was the line "Lord, May You get the glory." The Long October Road is our way to continue Chad's legacy . . . Lord, may You get the glory!


Paula S said...

Congratulations on getting all this very hard work done this week! Can't WAIT to hear the finished product:)
I'm proud of you, friend.
Much love-

Sue W said...

Sarah, I've been keeping watch via this Blog, praying for you and I just KNOW your hard work will be worth every second. I'm so anxious...can't wait to get my copy of your new CD!
Take care - Sue

Greg said...

I tried to do "better" like you said and it's really hard. Good job, though! It really is those little details that make a good album GREAT!! God is using you now and will use the album for His glory.

I can't wait to hear it!

marni said...

Hi Sarah, I love you so much and I am praying for you. Please tell Micah that I miss him and remember that I always love you. Mary

Jen said...

I can't imagine singing one word for over an hour.
I'm so excited to hear this CD.
Talk to you later this week