Friday, November 14, 2008

November 14th

Good Morning All -

Before I begin - I am excited to let you know that Christmas In Heaven is now available to order on my website. It makes a wonderful gift . . . a teacher gift, a boss gift, a stocking stuffer. It is just the one song and is beautifully packaged. Please order LOTS of them :-). My website is Also, I want to let you know that a new friend of mine, Jenny Coin, and I are going to be doing another blog together. Jenny was widowed 11 weeks ago now, and is only 31 years old. This blog will be letters that we write back a forth to one another about our journeys through grief. It will be fascinating. We have e-mails stacking up that we have written to one another. It will be moving and intriguing. Please be watching for more information about that. You can also check out Jenny's blog. . . although . . . I'm not sure where. Well, she has left comments for me . . . so maybe you can find her that way. Jenny . . . when you read this . . . why don't you comment and leave your info. I'm so bad at this 'tech' stuff! I can barely find my own blog - in fact, if it wasn't just a tab on my website, I wouldn't know how to get here :-). Pathetic, I know!

I am sorry it has been a while. I cannot seem to keep up with my life right now. I have had some good writing time - working on the book. It is getting harder and harder. I am now writing about the marathon weekend - and this is where it becomes emotional. I find I don't cry much anymore . . . I just don't have time. My counselor advised me this week to MAKE time to rest and to cry. That is wise counsel. All that being said, writing about what happened in Chicago is very emotionally draining and difficult. Trying to sort out ALL that happened after the marathon is daunting . . . but God is so very good and I know it will all come together.

My mom was down last weekend and we worked on paperwork. I had gone about a month w/o opening mail (can you believe that?) and it had been two months since I had done any paperwork regarding Sarah Schieber, Inc . . .which meant much work for my dear mom. She has been a bookkeeper for years and years, so I have asked her to take over the bookkeeping. We met with my accountant and the two of them are off and running. I have been having work done on my computers all week (the computer guy - who's name happens to be Chad Michael - is here right now) so that we can get the corporation up and running. I am so thankful that my mom can take all of this over. The paperwork really overwhelms me, and she 'gets' it all - so it is really a blessing. She and my accountant will get it all computerized, and we are off and running!

I have a concert tomorrow in Bay City. I leave Monday for Nashville. My good friend, Marni (Mary's mom), is going with me. While we are there I will sing, sing, sing - to record my vocals. I am really nervous about it - so any prayers offered up on my behalf would really be appreciated. Also, on Wednesday morning I will do a TV interview - I will give my testimony and sing Christmas In Heaven. It is pre-recorded, and is for a Christmas special on the Christian Television Network. I have a publicist in Nashville, named Gina Adams, and she will go with me to this event.

There are TONS of interviews stacking up for December. I have a feeling it will be a VERY busy month. Some are for articles that will be written about Christmas In Heaven and my testimony regarding it, and some are for radio. Please pray that Christmas In Heaven will be played ALL across the country and that I will have favor with the programmers. Please pray that I can keep up with all this . . . as I type I remember that I have many cd's I need to put in the mail today to go to radio stations . . . my house is a total MESS . . . .I need to pack . . . I need to practice for the concert tomorrow and practice the songs I will be recording next week . . . I need to figure out what I'm wearing for TV . . . I need to make a list of where and when my kids need to be next week for the gal who is staying with them . .. AND - I need to keep working on the outline for the book! Ug!

Well, I better get to work. Enough blogging! Oh, I do want to update you all on Mary and Micah first. It has become very evident this week that not only is Mary smitten on him . . . Micah is smitten on her!!!!! In fact, he has told his buddy's at school that he has a girlfriend (of course, Mary has no idea of that, yet) and one of them told him yesterday that he should kiss her. He said, "Mom, I'm not going to kiss her, but if I did, how old do you think I should be?" The last two days as he has gotten in the car after school he told me, "I couldn't stop thinking about you know who all day." Now - you all know the adult code of ethic, here, right? This is top secret! You must not breathe a word of this to Micah! Bless his little heart! He has got it bad!!!!!!!

Please remember today - Psalm 46 assures us that God is our Refuge and Strength! He is our very present help in time of trouble! "A very present help" . . . think about that . . . not a distant help, not "I'll get around to it when I can" . . . no, my friends! He is here . . . NOW. Right when you need him . . . He is here for you today. Blessings!


Jen said...


First of all I want to tell you to have a safe trip to Nashville on Monday. I'm sure you will do a great job.

Don't worry about the 'techy' stuff of blogging, it took me a while to figure it out too. I can't wait to share our letters with other people once we get our blog up and running.

If you need anything while you are gone, just let me know.

The link to my blog for those who are interested is:

I will be thinking about you and praying for you while you are gone.

Jen said...

Oops, that last link didn't work for some reason. The working link is here: