Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recording, Day 2

Good Morning ~

Most of you are probably reading this when you wake up. I, however, have not yet been to bed. The day started very early with Abbi calling at 6:40 to see if she could go to school without her wrist brace on (she hurt her wrist a while back.) Neither Marni or I could get back to sleep. So, with just a few hours of sleep we dove into our day. It took me quite a while to get ready for the TV interview. It takes a LOT of makeup and GREAT hair for something like that - - - both things that don't just 'happen' these days :-) The interview went well. It will air on Christmas day on the Christian Television Network.

Then we were off to Paul's for another 11 hours of recording. Holy moly! I am exhausted. It is now 2:11 a.m. . . . Recording can be VERY frustrating. Paul is amazing at pulling out of me a tone and attitude that I have longed to translate to my albums, but have never had someone to help me do so . . . the only problem is that he and I communicate really differently, and it can tend to infuriate me! Just to give you an example ~ I sang ONE word for over an hour today. Seriously! The same word over and over and over and I never did get it the way Paul wanted it. He was wonderful today, though, and I think has figured out that I work best with encouragement. He gave me lots of 'good jobs,' and Marni prayed REALLY hard . . .and we have gotten some absolutely incredible songs going! This new album is going to be awesome - and is truly taking my voice, sound, and music to a whole new level! It is thrilling! Thank you, Paul, for being dedicated enough to the process to really push me through . . . I appreciate you very much!

Well, off to bed . . . another long day ahead of us tomorrow. Blessings to you all!


Ginger said...


I'm praying for you a lot this week. It sounds like everything is going well with the album. How exciting! It is so good to hear joy and excitment for life in your voice once again. God is so good. He has truly blessed you. Work hard and have fun!

Love, Ginger

Becky said...


I am so proud of you, you work hard and never give up. I am so excited for you. I love you so much.

Tammy said...

Dear Sarah:
I just wanted to tell you how much I love your song. It is so wonderful how God works in our lives. I had bought to 3 tickets for the Selah concert on Saturday Dec. 13 to take my mom and my sister. I wasn't sure if we were going to go or not because of the bad weather that moved in, we were all a little tired from the stress of the holidays, etc. However, we did manage to make it and I am so glad now that we did. I had heard your song on Family Life Radio last week before the concert for the very first time and was so touched by it. However, I didn't know of you. I didn't realize you were going to be singing at the concert until we arrived. I had never heard about Chad and the story you shared. You see, my father was killed in a plane crash on June 4, 2007. He was flying for the University of Michigan/Marlin Air Transport team and had flown to Wisconsin along with 5 others, doctors, etc to pick up a pair of lungs to return to the University of Michigan to perform a double lung transplant. My father was the co-pilot of the plane. However, the plane never made it back from WI, it crashed in Lake Michigan. The reason I share this story with you is because I wasn't really sure if my mom was really wanting to go to the concert or not. She has been so heart broken about my dad and misses him so very much as they were married almost 40 years. We have all been devestated and miss my dad so much. However, when we arrived at the concert and you told your story it immediately clicked that you were the singer of the song I had just heard on the radio. Hearing you tell the story of going through the motions of Christmas last year, and this year it really feeling like reality had set in is exactly what my family is going through. It is so strange because my mother had just told me those very exact words right before Thanksgiving. Anyway, I had prayed before the concert not knowing that you were going to be there that my mother would get some peace and comfort from the concert as Saturday, Dec. 13 (day of concert) was my father's birthday. After you told your story and sang your song I felt as though God had touched all our hearts. I know now that God wanted us at that concert that we almost didn't go to. Sarah, God bless you and your children for having to go through what you have. Your song is going to be/is a big hit. I bought five copies at the concert and then came to work on Monday and had my friend listen to your song and she immediately bought 5 copies on line.
I pray that God will continue to give you strength and comfort. Your song is going to be a huge success, and thank you so much for this song.
God Bless, tammy