Monday, November 3, 2008

Signs of healing

I see little signs of healing all around. A month ago I decorated for Harvest - it felt so good to want to decorate again. Tonight, I will use Chad's grill for the first time! Chad had been named Officer Of The Year the June before he passed away. He got a bonus, and with that bonus he purchased the laptop I am typing on, a cordless drill that I don't know how to use, and a beautiful, BIG grill. He loved it! We grilled ALL the time! We had had a wonderful grilled salmon and grilled veggie dinner just days before we left for Chicago. I have not been able to bring myself to use it. It has just sat for a year. But tonight, I will grill.

Healing. Progress. I think my beloved would be proud of us. We love you, Chad! We miss you!


Paula S said...

I am SURE that Chad IS proud of you all. This is good to hear that the healing is happening. Praise God. Prayers for you continue!

Sue W said...

Hi Sarah -
I talked to you last night about your Christmas song...will pick up my copies tomorrow. I'm so excited as it is such a beautiful song!

Stay strong many of us are praying for you.

Love -

marni said...

Hi Sarah,

Yay! I figured it out. I am so happy that the healing has begun. Love our chats and laughs.

We are praying for you A,N,&M.